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Leak Remediation Around Window Assemblies

Leak remediation takes many forms.

RCM Construction has not only curtailed leak problems through cracks in slabs on grade, suspended slabs, and walls, but also around window assemblies, especially aluminum window installations in high-rise buildings.

Most often we are called upon to address aluminum window surrounds in condominiums.  Oten the problem is failed sealant around the exterior perimeter of the window assembly; however, to remove and replace the exterior sealant around a window in a high-rise building necessitates the erection of a suspended scaffold, a relatively expensive approach.  While the specific approach is job dependent, we have often found it effective to fill with expanding foam the gap between the aluminum head, jamb or sill and the surrounding concrete. 

RCM Construction has resolved scores of such problems from the interior of the building to the satisfaction of the unit's tenant or owner and at significantly lesser cost than would be incurred were a suspended scaffold erected.