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The majority of our projects, especially smaller and medium size repair projects and surprising to some, even million dollar projects, are turn-key. Our experience most always allows us to provide you an accurate assessment as well as a solution to the problem. Upon a call from a client, we visit the site, assess the problem, provide our suggested solution, and implement the repair. If the client wishes the opinion of a Structual Engineer or other Design Professional, then we can provide suggestions of some who are experienced in remedial repairs.

Equipped with an extensive arsenal of pneumatic tools, injection systems and hi-tech repair materials, RCM’s team of restoration specialists restores damaged concrete and eliminates many of the causes of its initial failure. We are also sought after to resolve water infiltration problems, whether through cracks in concrete, block walls, or window assemblies.

RCM Construction was referred to by one client as THE TERMINATOR because we terminate concrete spall problems and leaks through cracks.


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