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Residential Remedial Repairs: Home Sweet Home


RCM Construction can help you during either your remedial or new construction process. 


For most of us, our home is the largest investment of our lives.  Maintaining this investment is important.

We have addressed a myriad of concerns to homeowners.  Common requests are to curtail water infiltration problems (often through the wall of a split level home), to perform spall repairs around the perimeter of the concrete slab on grade, perform footing repairs and to epoxy inject termite eaten wood beams.

Many of these repair approaches are discussed in detail in various headings of our website and we invite you to take time to look.

We would be less than candid were we not to mention that the majority of homeowners (and many commerical building owners for that matter) simply wait too long before seeking assistance.  Building components are subject to deterioration.  The longer one waits to perform repairs, the more expensive they typically become.

We understand that many homeowners do not have large bank accounts.  We try to be accomodative.

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